About Māori Vibes

Te Ao Hurihuri. Our Tupuna were resilient and able to adapt to the fast paced, forever changing world. It is a great honour to be able to deliver a Māori service and be a part of this innovative, co-working space for Māori by Māori in the heart of Whangārei.

In 2020 Michelle attended an Aotearoa Māori Surfing Titles committee hui. This particular hui was being held in a shared workspace. Michelle had met with another colleague and they both thought “whoa, wouldn’t it be cool if we had a space like this for Māori?”.

October 2020, 11 weeks after the initial idea, Māori Vibes had opened their doors for business.

Māori Vibes is a passion for Michelle and has been her kākano.
Today Māori Vibes provides a vibrant and positive space for Māori in business, giving a truly inspiring experience.
The hāpori continues to flourish.

Michelle had foreseen the benefits and opportunities that working within a Māori environment could provide to those involved.  A place that Māori businesses are able to network, creating opportunities within the Māori Vibe ecosystem.

Michelle Lee

Head Māori Viber | Te Kaihautū

Michel Lee founder-shared workspace-Māori Vibes Whangarei

Ko Michelle tōku ingoa.
I te taha o tōku Pāpā he uri ahau o Muaūpoko.
I te taha o tōku Māmā he uri ahau o Te Waiariki, Ngāpuhi,
Ngāti Whātua ki Kaipara.
Ko Riki tōku hoa rangatira.
Ko Alexa raua ko Journey aku tamariki.
Ko mahi tahi a mātou mō te kaupapa o Māori Vibes.

Kia ora, my name is Michelle.
On my Dad’s side, I descend from the iwi of Muaupoko.

On my Mum’s side, I descend from the iwi of Te Waiariki, Ngāpuhi, and Ngāti Whātua in the Kaipara region.
Riki is my partner and I have two kids, Alexa and Journey. The four of us work together to achieve the vision of Māori Vibes.

My passion has always been to work with our people within our iwi, hapu and hāpori. When I saw the opportunity for a Māori shared workspace, I had to make it happen.

A safe, positive space for Māori within business to come and mahi, talk, discuss and build. Right now, I continue to think about how I can make this service and space even better for our hāpori………I’m thinking tuākana/ tēina….. with the possibility of mentoring. Watch this space whānau, we have some plans up our sleeves.

Come down and have a kōrero.
Be careful the mahi vibe is easy to catch.
Although this is something you want to catch!


Networking & collaboration

It’s inspiring to see the vast variety of thriving Māori businesses that join the Māori Vibes whānau. When joining the Māori Vibes shared workspace, you are entering into this wider community. It is a whole new group of Māori in business.
Think Māori contractors and Māori freelancers.

This offers up the opportunity to work with them or vice versa.
They might have a skill that will strengthen your current business or a potential product that may enhance your current line. Either way, these business opportunities can be pivotal to the growth of your pakihi.

It really is a great way to build connections with other whānau members from around the rohe and surrounds. In true Māori fashion you never know, you may meet Nannies Cousin from Whangapē.

business people working-shared workspace-Māori Vibes Whangarei

Mahia te mahi


When we say “catch the vibe” it is a real thing.

We have had whānau members tell us about how much mahi they get done. That is what makes this place special. When you see everyone going hard, YOU will too……..that’s the mahi vibe.

We are all on that same waka, wanting to get those tasks completed on the TO-DO-LIST. There are no expectations, no hard and fast rules and the best thing, no distractions. This means you have the brain space to get down to real business.
The maunga of washing can wait for āpōpō.

You + mahi + headspace + inspiring environment = quality mahi

business people meeting-shared workspace-Māori Vibes Whangarei